FREE Kindle Book: “Street Life to Housewife” by Robinson Kim (Urban Fiction)

Street Life to Housewife
by Robinson Kim
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Kim Robinson was in the life for 11 years. A madam, call girl, drug dealer and addict. What sent a girl who made good grades and was on the homecoming court, president of the modeling club take to the undersworld, and the cinderella story that has her currently speaking at churches and inspiring abused women teens, know that if she can survive her abuse and help others so can they.

Most people think that the rap lyrics and movies about southwest Los Angeles and Compton are just for entertainment. Kim Robinson grew up there and will take you on a journey through the Watts riots to present day.

What happened to a little girl at the age of five to make her feel that God hates her? With out religion in her life all her childhood aspirations are derailed. Through her eyes you will experience the emotions and heart breaks that led her to the Street Life.

Kim is the next generation of The Roux in the Gumbo characters. This book stands on it’s own but you will see how she “Got it honest,” when it comes to following in her ancestors footsteps.

Kim’s alter ego ‘Sparkle,” maneuvers through the underworld of prostitution while looking for love and trying to hold on to her sanity that is threatened by childhood memories that ultimately will surface. She uses drugs to suppress what she does not have the tools to face.

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