FREE Kindle Book: “The Dead Hand of Sweeney County” (Historical Mystery)

The Dead Hand of Sweeney County
by David L. Bradley
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It was just your average day surveying: discovering an abandoned cemetery and a lynching tree, dealing with a corrupt banker and an ax-wielding ghost. Then Addison fell in love with Eleanor, and things got scary.

Addison Kane is thirty-nine, a workaholic loner whose best friends are his landlady, a good book, and a shot of Irish whiskey. One rainy day while working out of town, he meets and falls in love with Eleanor the History Lady, who excites and challenges him like no woman he has ever known. Is this it? After all these years, has he finally found The One? What does her husband think?

At work, Addie begins investigating the Conley Land Trust and its creator, the dynamic Elizabeth Theodora Conley Burroughs, whose death in 1968 did nothing to loosen her grip on the land. Researching the trust, now valued at eleven and a half million dollars, he meets Dick the Turd, a ruthless banker with a plan to steal it. Then Addie sees the ghost of Isaac Cooper, and Isaac begins haunting his dreams, seeking justice.

With help and advice from instrument man Steve, Lawyer Frank, and retired Army Ranger Sergeant-Major John Tyler, Addie must try to thwart the banker. Somehow he must figure out exactly how to satisfy Isaac’s ghost, so he can sleep again. And if he’s ever going to find The One and settle down, now is the time.

It’s a hell of a job, but someone’s gotta do it.

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