FREE Kindle Book: “Argosy Junction” by Chautona Havig (Christian Romance)

Argosy Junction
by Chautona Havig
(free for a limited time)

Argosy Jct. Montana~
Pop. 13,223

Lane~ Five years after her family broke ties with The
Brethren, the cult-like church still has firm ties wrapped around her heart and soul. The more she rejects them, the Lord, and anyone who claims a relationship with Christ, the more she
realizes how empty life can be.

Matt~ Fresh from the inner city, Matt arrives in Argosy Jct. ready to explore the Montana countryside. He’s prepared for anything but sheep, cults, and a rancher’s daughter with a chip on her shoulder.

Not until she saves Matt from assault by sheep does Lane begin to understand that Christianity is a relationship rather than a checklist to godliness. Before he met Lane, Matt never understood how damaging the body of Christ can be to its own.

Join them as they explore Montana, Rockland, and the possibility of a merge between two very
different worlds.

Argosy Junction is the second book in the Rockland Chronicles.

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